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Birth control pills; zileuton zyflo ; cold or allergy medications; nicotine nicoderm, nicorette ; diet pills, stimulants, or medication to treat adhd such as ritalin or adderall ; an antidepressant such fluoxetine prozac, sarafem , fluvoxamine luvox , nefazodone serzone , paroxetine paxil , sertraline zoloft , and others; nitroglycerin or other nitrate medicines such as isosorbide isordil, dilatrate, imdur, monoket ; or heart or blood pressure medication such as atenolol tenormin , carvedilol coreg , labetalol normodyne, trandate , metoprolol lopressor, toprol , nadolol corgard , propranolol inderal, innopran , sotalol betapace , and others.

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